At the residency we provide you with diverse selection of working tools, musical instruments and leisure equipment which includes:

  • Two sewing machines.

  • Two guitars (electrical and acoustic), an amplifier, semi-professional synthesizer, tarambuka, harmonicas.

  • Easels, different pliers, screw-drivers (including electrical), electrical saws, hammers, electrical sandpapers, drilling machines suitable for wood and metal, paint job tools.

  • Inflatable pool suitable for the hottest months (usually between June and the first half of September).

  • Imprpovised outdoors fire place.

  • Air guns and a small cross-bow.

  • Vinyl records player.

  • Two bikes.

We accommodate a maximum of four artists at the same time who can choose to work in one of the follwing studios:

The bigger studio (40m2) is a renovated barn with two independent entrances. When required, it is separated in two by a fence and it becomes a shared studio for two artists. It is located in a nice oldschool backyard with a lot of free space and a big walnut tree in the middle. You can choose to work inside or outside of the studio or you can just do both. Perfect for painting, light sculpture, installations.

The second studio (30m2) is right next to the first one described above. It has similar structure and set up. The main differences are that it is slightly smaller and with a slightly lower ceiling. It could be used both as an independent and shared studio and it has similar access to the outside areas.


The third studio (20m2) is a renovated garage. It is both a living area for one artist (with small independent bathroom) and a studio. Cosy low ceiling space with dim daily light in its inside and good light next to the big window. Suitable for drawings, photography, literature, music.​ Its roof is easily reachable and one can adapt it as a higher view point open air studio. 

The residency is spread around a total area of 2200m2 and it has two housesnext to each other, with separate entrances, separate kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. The ground floor house is where we and our staff lives - the stairs level house is entirely for the artists. It consists of three separate bedrooms (12-15m2 each), a shared living room with basic kitchen and a bathroom with laundy machine. Next to the stairs level house is the third studio which accomodates one more artist who's living and working there. There are a total of 7 beds and we invite a maximum of four artists to live and work at the same time. Good internet connection is available.

Front yard and backyard: the front yard with a garden of grapes and flowers and the huge backyard covered with grass could be used by the artists according to their needs.

The team: a dedicated part of the team are Rado's parents. Lovely people who're looking after all residents as if they are their own children. Through them you will experience the hospitality of the local culture in it's purest form. 


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