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It is an inspiration and a mission of ours...

To develop the right environment for adequate communication between the wider non-professional audience and the world of contemporary art and culture! To achieve this, we are developing innovative approaches stimulating the curiosity of the viewers, building lasting interest and a sense of meaning in the relation with this segment of the artistic life!

We are not uncritical of contemporary art, on the contrary. Especially in Bulgaria, our desire is to increase the public interest in all genres - painting, sculpture, installations, performance, etc. - and this process is accompanied by an educational approach, allowing viewers to freely express positive or negative opinions about authors and works.

Understanding Contemporary Art

Part of our mission is purely educational. Developing a taste for art takes time and accumulation of knowledge. However, academic methods of imparting knowledge are extremely unsuitable for non-professionals, even those with strong interest in art. That is why we are constantly researching the latest in modern education and pedagogy, so that we can create events in which a person is learning through lectures and exhibitions in a tempting manner, without even realizing it.


We strive for our projects to be attractive, intriguing, inspiring, stylish, thoughtful and accessible to anyone with a natural sense of curiosity, regardless of age and profession!

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