The first Expats Art and Culture Hub

in Sofia

For more than a year we have been creating events about contemporary art and culture directed to wider non-professional audience curious to learn about this enigmatic, but sometimes strange and confusing world! Now the project is expanding towards YOU – English speaking expats living in Sofia!

We create novel visual lecture-experiences during which you would learn about contemporary art and culture in an attractive non-academic, but also deep and meaningful way! The events are informal and cheerful  - one could grow his understanding and have fun at the same time!

Bring along your curiosity – that’s all you need to enjoy the experience!

Understanding Contemporary Art

Why is contemporary art so diverse and confusing? Is it possible to understand the nature of the performances, the installations and the conceptual works that we see in museums and galleries all around the world? How can we relate to it, which are the best and the worst examples?

We know for sure that talking about complex matters in a down to earth manner would definitely help anybody get well informed, create his own taste and judge for himself! And that's the second part of our mission!

The topics we choose would also gravitate around Bulgarian contemporary artists and the local scene!