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Application process:

  • I sent you an e-mail with my application and for 24 hours I haven't received a confirmation - what should I do? Most likely the e-mail went SPAM and we haven't seen it. Please, calls us or write us to alternative e-mail:

  • I have an issue with the standard payment conditions for the residency, described in the website, can we find another way to do it? Depends on the exact case. Please, write us about it.

  • I need a confirmation letter from you that my residency application is approved​ - I'll use it for external funding - can you send me such? Yes. We can send you both approval letter and              recommendation (when needed).

  • I've got an unexpected last moment problem and I can't come to the residency. Will you refund me?
    The first 300 euro paid in 10 days after your          application is approved are not refundable. We          require the second part of the overall residency fee    to be transfered in one or two months before the      start of your stay. In case you have made the              transfer two months ahead and during the following    month there are obvious non-debatable                      circumstances preventing you from participating,    we will refund this second transfer. Usualluy we do    not make any last moment refunds required less          than a month before the start of the residency stay,    because we would not have enough time to engage      with new artists through a secondary open call. 

Accommodation, living expenses, travelling:

  • Ok, I'm landing at the airport in Sofia or Plovdiv - what do we do next? We will wait for you at the airport and we'll go together to the residency. Transport from the airport to the residency is included in the residency  fee.

  • The food is covered by me - how much does it cost to have three normal meals per day in the village? On average 6-8 euro will be enough for three meals in a day. You can definitely spend less or much more  depending on your food preferences.

  • Can I buy good food from the village and cook it myself? How far are we from the shops? There are a few shops in the village with plenty of things and, sure, you can cook at home. The residency is 10-15 minutes walk from the center of the village. You'll have a bike at your disposal and in most of the cases there will be an option for somebody to bring you food by car.

  • I have to find and pay for my working materials - how do I do that? The day after you arrive at the residency we will go together to Plovdiv by a car with decent backspace and we will take you to the most reasonable art materials shops to get everything you need. Then we will transport it to the residency. We can do that a  few times during the residency, it's not a  problem.

  • Are you always going to be there during my stay? We will do our best to spend as much time as possible. In general we have commitments which would require some traveling on our end. Which means we will not be constantly there. Yet, during the time we are missing, in the ground floor house there will always be at least one person who can help you with everything you need. We will always be reachable via e-mail, WhatsApp, Viber and phone even when we're not present at the residency.

  • I want to travel to Plovdiv quite often - can I do that and how much does it cost? Yes, you can. There are 4-5 buses every day from Tsarimir to Plovdiv and from Plovdiv to Tsarimir. They cost 1.40 euro in one direction.

  • Do I need to exchange cash or I can pay entirely with credit or debit card? You'll need cash in the village for sure. The closest ATM is in the neighbouring village, so it's good to  exchange some cash in Plovdiv - you can do it when we go there together.

  • Are you going to help me with travelling plans and budget if I need to prepare such and explore the area?  Yes, you'll have our full support with everything related to your stay, travel, accommodation and work.

  • Are the locals friendly? Should I be scared of something? The locals are friendly, they will be quite excited to see foreigners in their village. We know them very well, they know us too - so there's nothing to worry about.

Other Questions

  • Is the residency vegetarian friendly? Definitely yes! However, meat lovers will like it too.

  • Can I come with my companion and / or child and / or pet?  We should discuss that in more details. In general we can do it, but we have to make sure it's ok for everybody else.

  • Tell me more about my exhibition at the end of the residency? Usually the pop-up exhibition will take place in one of the following options: a gallery or art space in Sofia; a gallery / art bar / another art space in Plovdiv. In all cases we will make a FB event and will invite people. We will also take care of the       transportation of the works, unless there is                 something very specific which requires significant       additional expenses. The exhibition will be a group  exhibition with your fellow artists. In case you don't       want to be exhibited, that's ok, just let us know in         advance.

  • If I need to, how do I transport my works from the residency to my place of living? Can I insure them? There are transportation companies which will take care of it - of course, you'll have to pay for their services. We can advise you both on the right     company and the insurance provider.

  • I've got some questions which were not mentioned in your website - can I reach you for more information? Yes, always feel free to do so! We are available at and mobile: 00359 897 953372.


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